16 December 2010

Drowning In My Own World.

There is something inside me that no one knows.
There is something beside me that no one could know.
There is something near me that only He knows.

I'm being my self.
I'm being my fucking self.
I'm not being you.
or you either.
It's me.
It's me who created myself.

How could i express it?
While the others don't bother it?
I've tried to be damn sincere to everyone.
But, still, there someone who doesn't care.
How could i show it?

I'm drowning in my own world.
I'm lost in my own dream.

It's not about them
It's about you.
It's all about you.

Oh, GOD.
give me some strength for me to wake myself up.
Please, GOD. Please.
I'm begging you.


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