23 November 2010

Speaking MalayLish

I think, i have to move on.
I have to move from the past.
I cant turn back to see what happened before
and expected what will happen next.
I have to be strong.

At first, yes, it was damn tough
It was like, i cant live in my own world.
I fell down almost every time when i wish to stand on my feet.
Yes, i said i am strong but, no. i'm not.
You know that. I know you knew it,dear.

After i've been facing all the people come surrounded me
I know, i cant be like this anymore.
There's nothing i can do to turn back time
cos, time will never be turned.
All i can do for now is, be strong, pray to God, and, live my life.
That should be better than nothing.

Yes, dfan.
I believe in you.
I put my trust on you.
So, trust yourself.
please, move your life on.
C'mon dfan! Come On!

This is new me; Diffansina Binti Rabu. A lil girl with new spirit! jyeah!

Thanks aloads to;

Amy Tuanputerii
Shazlina Gomez
Yana Augus

Thanks for everything. You guys help me to live my life. even you dont even realize it. but, i can feel it. I love you!


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