16 December 2008

i'm trying...

to; my bby fishiee
i dunnoe y,,
these must happen to us
i love u
but i've already told u
we cant have any serious relationship
between us
i selesa kite mcm ni
its just that,
kenapa kite mesti end cepat sgt nn dlm keadaan mcm ni?
i cant xcpt it ok
its really hard for me
its really tough for me
i miss the way u say u miss me
i miss the way u say u love m
i miss ur voice
mcm ngade2 gitu
thats y i call u bby
n i love to call u bby fishiee
its really suite for u
i miss u
kenapa ah dorang jahat sgt?
i'm sorry,, i miss u so bad...

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