25 February 2011

The Inspiration

Honestly, Baby. I have no specific reason why do I love you. Yeah. It’s kind of weird sometimes. But when it comes to love everything turns to possible.

Darling, you’re sweet even when you’re saying you’re not. You know why am I saying this? Because I never close my eyes when you look at me. I never cover my ear when you talk to me. And I never lock my heart when you’re giving up yours. I assess each and every single movement of you. And my mind kept saying “Hey, you got to trust him. He’s sincere.” I don’t know whether I have to believe it or not. But, unfortunately, I am. But, at the same time I’m not afraid to trust you. But what am I afraid of is losing you from my sight. *sigh*

It’s never been the same when I was with ‘him’. NEVER. But, seriously, you’re about to the next level in my heart. I never thought I can feel these again. It’s really out of my mind. And obviously, I can’t control it with my two hands and my two legs. I just can't handle it!

My heart bounced when you said “I Love You, Baby”. You’re really made my day. And I promise that!

2 seconds. It was like I’m falling in love with you within 2 seconds. It’s unbelievable. But you got to trust me. This is really happen to me.

Silently, I started to wake up from the place I sat for the past few months. And I can say that I started to fall for you. I started to miss you and I started to think of you for 24/7. I wiped away my tears. I whispered to myself, ‘Hey, it’s time for you to move on. There’s no reason for you to live in your past anymore. Go! Just go!’ and yeah, I’m ready for it now. And, truly said, I’m fucking brave to take a risk to pull myself up into the Love matter again. and I know, I’m brave enough, man!

Doesn’t matter how hard for me to let the past fly away and left the memories, I would try harder to let them go and begin a brand new love story. It’s tough for you and so do I. But, I have to confident on myself. If not, I will fell onto this ground again and again.

Let bygone, be bygone.

I’m glad that I can smile sincerely again. After all the shit had screwed up my life so bad, I never thought I can smile like this again. But, you made it, honey. You’re fucking made it! Thanks a lot!

Maybe this is not the right time for me to write this. But, maybe, in another hand, this might be the most appropriate time to write this. It’s never been too early for me to fall in love with you. And it would never been too late for me to love you for the whole heart.

Zulkifli Mohammad.

Thanks for the smiles and the laughter you’ve gave to me. Thanks for knocked on the secret door in my heart. Thanks for entered the heart and being a new best chapter in my life and Thanks for lighted up my life with your Love. I don’t have any idea how to prove to you how much I care for you, how much I miss you and how much I Love You. But, I’m sure; GOD knows what is in my heart.

Thanks for inspire me, Baby. I can’t lie on this; I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

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