11 March 2009

Dear My Hero

yesterday i've made up another decission that will change my whole life.
u bukan jodoh i
i've to except it
yea, kinda tough! dem tough!
but, i know, i have to.
u'll not happy if u stop me or if u want to proceed our 'zero' relationship
we're nothing
n never be anything
i sayang u
gile2 punye sayang
u change my life
u change my heart
u change everything about me
u pernah bukak hati i utk terima lelaki bile i kecewa dgn lelaki
tapi, skang, u jugak ttp hati i utk lelaki n u sendiri kecewakan i
thanx.. thanx for another sweet experience u've gave to me
i was forced to make the decission
i know, u'll happy of it.. and proud maybe
we're never be more.. we're stranger..
thanx for the hopes u've gave to me
thanx for the smiles,laughters and tears..
thanx for the love and cares u've showered over me.
thanx for everything..
i'll never forget about it for my whole life..
i'll wait for u..
thanx aloadss M.A.A.

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