03 January 2009


place:D'Body Spa W.maju

he's just a perfect man.i love him.i love him.i love him!
i always waiting for him.
dlm life aku ni yg tade benda lgi yg penting. cume 3 bende je
1) family
2) DIA

why do i love him?
he always make me smile when i'm sad
he always make me laugh when i cry
he always give me a huge happiness when i'm in sadness
he always make me feel happy..

to him:
♥ thanx for everything. klau one day u tak dpt jumpe i lagi, sedekah kn lah i surah al-fatihaa.. always pray for me..
♥ i syg u sgt2. i know its reaally hard for u to trust me cos u thought that each and every girl was the same. but i know i'm not that kinda girl. one day i'll prove it to u.

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