02 July 2011

Close the eyes and start writing.

Its been a while I didn't post anything in this blog.
what had happened in my life?
what had happened in this life?
no one knows.

silence please.
cant you see that i'm dreaming in my own world?
am i lost?
is it this what i wanted?

i've been asking myself all the time.
but eventually, i didn't get any answer.

i never been tired to wake up every morning.
i never stop smiling when there's something funny happen in front of me.
it's just that, i feel like i'm not being myself
trying to pretending like i'm heartless.

i'm losing my own grip.
i'm crawling and trying to fit in somebody's life.
feel like, i'm fucking stupid.

i just need some guidance to step back and get into my own life again.
oh, god,
please. help me. -.-

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