26 July 2009

Trip To Singapore

Date; 24th & 25th July 2009
Day; Friday and Saturday
Place; Lavender st ; Orchard rd ; Far East Plaza , SINGAPORE.
That was the 2nd time we've been in Spore. :)) It's not that great actually. maybe yes, it was my fault for not being patient. :( but i hope he likes the shoe as his birthday present. ;)) i syg u sgt2. happy upcomin birthday ;D i always want to be the first person to wish ur bday :DD

Percubaan menjadi kurus! hehe :)
i'm in the bus! Bus die sikit punyer lawa!
My dream come trueeee!!! wee~

cett! blh plk mamat ni nak posing baik plk! hehe

CAHAYA RESTAURANT kat far east Plaza. :)) sodap!

entah mat bangla mane punyer basikal entah die posing. otw back home :))

takde function!:) serabot nyer rambott! :(

ternyata serabot kan kan kan? lantak ler!!! haihhh~
ni je gambo berdua. yg lain kene delete sbb burokk! haha. ni pun burok gaks
tapi ok la,, tembam sial aku!
These are our drink :) banding n lemon tea :D
he's not that happy cos he didnt get what he want:( sorry for that sygg

dah otw blk malaysia :( in the LRT n it takes 30 mins from orchard to kranji.

sygg, i'm sorry fer the dae.. :( i tau u ta puas hati in many things in our trip ths time.. sorry.. its all my fault. if i dgr cakap u that things wont happen rite:( i just want to make u feel being appreciated n happy with me. but its seems like i ruined it:(( i'm a Loser :((((( apepun.. i syg u sgt2...btl.. tak tipuu... syg sgt2 kat u...



amboi seronok nmpk pegi spore.

dfan said...

boleh lerr :))