02 June 2009

Am I Wrong Again?

is it a crime when there's an intend to make someone u love happy?
is it a sin?

i tried to make him happy.. I was sincere. I want to make him feel happy being with me. But its seems like everything was end before its started. Am i not understand with his condition right now? Am i the one who's guilty?

I've planned something for him. yeah. i know he was damn busy with all his stuff and works. i just want him to get some air to breathe. i love him and o' cos that's the reason why I've planned something for us. But its seems like I have made a wrong decision here. I care for him but he didn't care for me at all anymore.. he never care for my feeling..

and again.. i became a great LOSER. yeah.. I'm a LOSER!

Aku hanya mahu buat dia gembira dan tersenyum bahagia.
Aku tidak mampu menaruh sejuta wang ringgit kepada nya.
Aku tidak mampu memberi segala harta ku yang ternyata tiada kepadanya
Hanya CINTA yang ikhlas.
Kau tidak pernah sedar

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